Keyn 5 Star Chair

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Designed by forpeople

Keyn Chair
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For sitting to be as heathy as possible, people should change positions frequently. The Keyn Chair (2017) makes this possible by responding to the body’s movements with an innovative mechanism that allows its one-piece shell seat to fluidly recline up to 10 degrees. It lets the occupant move naturally and comfortably, providing a sense of ease that helps improve focus and productivity. Perforated upholstery adds textural depth and aeration, contributing to its lightweight look and feel. Keyn can be bold and playful or sophisticated and subdued, making it an excellent choice anywhere from the meeting room to the home office. Made in U.S.A.

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Key Features

Keyn responds to the body’s movements.making sitting to be as healthful as possible.
Patented one-piece seat-and-back shell slides smoothly and reclines up to 10 degrees.
Made in U.S.A.